Crafting Tomorrow's Entertainment Today

Dive into a Universe Where Music, Art, and Gaming Meet Blockchain

At Playaverse, we're not just imagining the future of entertainment; we're building it. With a foundation deeply rooted in blockchain technology, we're bringing together music, NFTs, art, in-real-life events, gaming, and cryptocurrency to deliver unparalleled experiences. Leveraging AI, our platform offers something truly unique for every web3 power user, electronic music enthusiasts, art lovers, and gamers.



Playaverse develops its house made NFT projects. Our inaugural collection, CryptoDeejayz, is set to redefine electronic music creation, digital ownership, and art appreciation.

Immerse yourself in our specially designed games and be part of our electrifying live events, blending the virtual with the physical like never before!

Playaverse is more than a platform; it's a revolution in entertainment. Powered by blockchain, driven by creativity, and united by our community, we're setting the stage for a world where fun and technology converge.




Fun and Actionable NFTs

Collect & Customize your NFTs with in-house collections but not only! Playaverse is blockchain agnostic.

Take it or leave it

Stake or Play ? Make a choice at every moment. Lock up your NFTs to get rewards or plug into full games and earn bigger rewards.


Play & Earn

AR/VR Experiences


Open to a whole new world

Beyond the virtual worlds, our NFTs unlock unique benefits and experiences, blurring the lines between digital and physical realms.

$PLV Token

Propel your experience within our ecosystem using $PLV, our own token designed with strong and audited tokenomics to fuel our long-term vision.




Locking up your $PLV to earn other-in-game currencies backed up.

Project owner

Grant more visibility to your project



Buy $PLV to Merge your NFTs to create more powerful ones



Take part in the choice of major adoptions, on Playaverse ecosystem


Distribution supply


Playaverse is entering a new phase with its Private Sale!

We’ve partnered with expert launchpads in game-Fi, crypto & web3, and will reveal this new agenda shortly.

Ready to be part of the future of entertainment? Connect with us and our vibrant community!

Stay tuned for the latest private sales news, collection drops, and more from Playaverse.


Our seasoned team brings together decades of experience in party design, event management, music production, and storytelling within the web3, crypto, and NFT domains.

With advisors and partners leading in the crypto and NFT spaces, we're at the forefront of innovation, supported by an engaged and rapidly growing community of over 500 Membership NFT holders.



Award-winning Party Designer, visionary electro scene Founder, and Digital Artist for 20 years. CEO of Goliath Entertainment, Zoopsie. Also collects and collaborates with artists in the NFT sphere.



Multi-Platinum Producer and Sound Engineer. Crypto freak. Mercer co-produced hits for Lady Gaga, Akon and DJ Snake. He now brings his expertise to this project.


Chief Financial Officer


Main Crypto Advisor

Jerome SIM

Tech Advisor

Michaël de BISTMUTH

Head of Creative Lab

Benjamin BÜHLER

Head of Marketing & Communication

Julien SHIRO

Event Designer



Background of team and advisors



What is the total supply of $PLV tokens ?
The total Playaverse $PLV tokens is 100,000,000.
How does Playaverse prevent token dumping ?
Playaverse has implemented a dis-inflationary token issuance mechanism that aligns with the platform's growth, excluding rewards pool tokens from circulating supply calculations.
What are the key differentiators of the Playaverse platform ?
Interactive World Building, Dynamic NFT Evolution, and Cross-Platform Experiences.
What types of rewards can users expect from Playaverse ?
Users can expect Mix-to-Earn Rewards, Staking Incentives, Creative Contributions, Membership Benefits, and Event Participation earnings.
How are tokenomics structured in Playaverse for revenue sharing ?
Revenue sharing includes PLV Staking Rewards, CDJZ Staking Rewards, Items Extra Yield, and Mix-to-Earn Bonus Programs.
What mechanisms are in place to ensure the fair distribution of $PLV tokens ?
Fair distribution is ensured through staking rewards, phased presales, airdrops, advisor rewards, and Playacard Rewards, with vesting periods to prevent market manipulation.
Can you detail the Playaverse tokenomics categories and their allocations ?
Categories include Presale 1 and 2, ICO/LaunchPad, Airdrop, Advisor and Reward, Liquidity Providing, Team, Development/Marketing, Treasury/Staking Rewards, and Playacard Rewards.
How does Playaverse enhance user engagement within its ecosystem ?
Through gamified experiences inspired by successful models like COD/PUBG/Fortnite, Playaverse encourages active participation with a rewards system that enhances user engagement.
What are the future plans for Playaverse in terms of platform development and expansion ?
Future plans for Playaverse include expanding its NFT collections, introducing new game mechanics, exploring additional partnerships, and continuously enhancing the platform's technology for scalability and user experience.
What is the diluted valuation of Playaverse ?
The diluted valuation of Playaverse, based on the tokenomics provided, is approximately $8,000.000.